Bridges in Europe constructed of BENKAM aluminum profiles
ProntiFix, the German bridge design and construction company, has entered into a supply agreement with Benkam, the largest manufacturer of aluminum profiles in Uzbekistan. This cooperation opens up new opportunities for Benkam in the field of supplies to European countries.
ProntiFix is the construction company, specialized in erection of temporary and permanent anodized aluminum bridges due to its lightness and stability. ProntiFix plans include the construction of more than 40 bridges in Europe by 2024 with using only Benkam aluminum profiles. The company is currently involved in the project for replacing all wooden bridges in Europe with aluminum ones.
🔹 Moreover, it is worth noting that Benkam is winning first places in such world-famous magazines as "Light Metal Age" and "Aluminium International Today". This recognition demonstrated the leadership and innovative approach in aluminum structures production.
Benkam continues to develop and strive for new heights in its industry. The partnership with major manufacturers and the wide recognition by the leading magazine list showed that Benkam is a reliable and innovative player on the global stage.

Young and rapidly developing enterprise specializes in production of aluminum profiles of various types and sizes.

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