High quality aluminum extrusion dies are designed and produced by Benkam for the aluminum industries. We have been providing services to a broad range of industries around the world, including the automotive, transportation, railroad, building and construction, and aerospace sectors.
Our creative team of engineers and experts creates top-notch custom dies with sizes ranging from 130 mm (5") to 600 mm (11"). Our skilled engineers are capable of creating the appropriate die for the needed shape, regardless of how complex the profile is. You can produce high-quality profiles at a reasonable cost with the help of our aluminum extrusion dies.

Production capacity

Starting work on your project, we are thinking over every little thing. We will study the project, help you find the right alloy for you and find the best possible solution for you.

We will also help with the logistics of your project, such as packing, distribution and delivery of finished profiles. Contact with us arrow white
Profiles are available for various types and sectors of use made from different high quality alloys with optimal properties.
Product offer - technical parameters

Standards and alloys

Aluminum has many valuable properties. It is very durable, despite the fact that it is almost 2 times lighter than iron. Not subject to corrosion, because its surface is always covered with the finest oxide film (see anodizing). During the entire life of the plant, it practically does not require repair. It does not magnetize, it conducts electricity perfectly. And of course durability, this is one of the main advantages, the durability of aluminum structures is over 80 years. It retains its structural properties under temperature changes.

After processisng the surface of aluminum products, they are not susceptible to corrosion caused by rain, snow, heat and smog. Aluminum does not require recycling, it simply does not exist, since aluminum scrap is subject to recovery, retaining its original properties. In the construction there is developed system of circular process of aluminum utilization.

The harvesting waste of enterprises and replaced old construction parts are sent for reuse. It also does not contain heavy metal impurities, does not emit harmful substances under the influence of ultraviolet rays, and maintains its performance in any climatic conditions at temperature differences from -80°C and up to + 100°C.

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Aluminum profile, as a rule, is made of a three-component alloy:

  • aluminum (ensures lightness);
  • magnesium (strengthens the strength of alloy);
  • silicon (increases the casting properties).

In conclusion, I would like to note that the use of aluminum can be infinite: this metal and its alloys can be repeatedly melted without losing its physical properties.

Most of the aluminum produced since the existence of the industry have been used today.


BENKAM company widely uses aluminum alloys of series 6ххх. Due to the structural advantages of the 6xxx series alloys, the majority of the world market uses alloys of this particular series, because their strength, surface finishability, and operational properties make it possible to use it in virtually all areas of the industry. Below, there are the most common alloys that BENKAM can provide:

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  • ALLOY 6005A

    This alloy is used for building structures and is used only for extruded profiles. It has a fairly high strength and, at the same time, can be pressed into more complex profiles than 6082 and 6061 alloys. Special advantage is in pressing thin-walled hollow profiles.
  • ALLOY 6060

    The alloy with the highest compressibility (easy pressing) and the lowest sensitivity to hardening is the "European" aluminum alloy 6060 due to the lowest concentration of alloying elements. Typical applications: windows, stairs, handrails, truck body parts.
  • ALLOY 6063

    Alloy 6063 has a finer grain structure than the 6060, provides a better cosmetic appearance after anodizing. It has high corrosion resistance and good workability and weldability. Common use includes a cylinder tube, electrical bus conductors and architectural applications.
  • ALLOY 6082

    Aluminum alloy 6082 is most widely used in construction. Usually, this alloy is the main building aluminum alloy for both welded structures and structures without the use of welding. Alloy 6082 is a high-strength alloy, which is used in various types of aluminum rolled products.

Quality control

Taking into account the individual requirements of each customer, the specialists of the BENKAM laboratory conduct through research of each alloy to ensure the quality of the produced profile.
Chemists-technologists carefully follow the process of processing profiles. Their main task is to control the technological process and perform constant checking of the parts at regular intervals. The verification procedure includes:
  • Measurement of anodic coating thickness
  • Measurement of electrical conductivity
  • measurement of pH
  • Test for weight loss
  • Abrasion resistance test
  • Sealing quality control

Technological equipment for the production of aluminum profiles

  • A vertical storage of aluminum cylindrical ingots.
  • Preheating furnace (450-480gr. C.).
  • Hot guillotine, for cutting of aluminium cylindrical ingot to specified length (ticket).
  • Cylindrical container to maintain the temperature.
  • Pressing die for pushing the workpiece through the die.
  • Stanina for installing the required die set (forming tool).
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  • Hardening system installation
    Cooling system (air + water spraying).
    Total length 8000 mm.
  • Lateral double puller (gripping drafting device) with hot cutting saw
    Tensile strength up to 300 kg.
  • Cooling table, maximum stretching length of aluminum profiles 56m.
  • Cold saw, Diameter saw 750 mm.
  • Stacker cut into measured lengths of aluminum profiles, in baskets.

Packaging and logistics

Each customer or region has its own requirements for packaging and shipping of aluminium profiles. Therefore BENKAM has created a special packing department, which carried out a high-quality packaging at the best price by taking into account all the wishes of the customer.
BENKAM supplies the products in the following standard types of packaging:
WRAPPING (single-piece or multiple aluminium profiles)
INTERLAYER (paper or plastic)
ZIG-ZAG PROTECTION (paper or plastic)
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Young and rapidly developing enterprise specializes in production of aluminum profiles of various types and sizes.

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