BENKAM company offers the full opportunity to surface treatment anodizing and powder coating according to customer needs and available technologies on the market with qualified suppliers with certificates confirming high quality of service e.g. Qualanod Certificate, Certificate Qualicoat.
Vertical powder painting
BENKAM uses the most advanced vertical painting lines on the market, as well as in any colors and shades according to the customer's request. The shop is equipped with a vertical powder painting line of the profile of SAT (Italy)
11 500 000 m²
production capacity per year
7500 mm
profiles length
380 mm
profiles width
all colors


Anodizing is a method of surface finishing. It is used to improve the functionality and aesthetics of profiles, sheet metal and other aluminum structures. Anodizing increases corrosion resistance of aluminum, a rich palette of colors and the unique aesthetics of the surface allows raising the visual qualities of aluminum. This is the electrolytic process which comprises producing a coating of aluminum oxide on aluminum.
Color offer of anodic coatings
Anode coatings are made in the following standard colors:
You can also select colors within the standard colors on request, eg. Color anodized profiles C-31, commonly known as the "stainless steel".
Standard anodizing colours
Surface finish
A type of treatment in the process of anodizing
Profiles can be also given under the process of ELECTRO-POLISHING which results with a high glazy surface.
A coat thickness of anodized profiles should be selected according to its usage. Below table shows minimal coat thickness depending on usage conditions:
Technical information concerning the anodizing of profiles:
  • Mark after hangers – max 50mm per each side
  • Wide range of designs available
  • Standard length of profiles 3-7,5m
  • Profiles in length 7,5-10,5m –anodized beyond standard
  • Possibility of anodizing without marks after hangers
  • Possibility of anodizing in colours beyond standards
Mechanical surface treatment enriches aesthetic virtues of aluminum profiles:
  • An anodizing process may be preceded by the following initial treatment
  • Sand-blast cleaning
  • Brushing
  • These two methods gives a great possibility of increasing the visual aspects.


In cooperation with suppliers BENKAM offers customers service Decor. Technology of DECOR-ing involves a transfer of the selected pattern to the surface previously coated with a suitable powder. The result is a durable, yet aesthetic coating capable to imitate wood, stone or other pattern with a wide range.
This system allows you to create interesting product while maintaining excellent durability and high aesthetic effect.
Advantages of coatings DECOR:
  • Original, decorative appearance
  • Wide range of designs available
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • High resistance to external conditions
  • Constant gloss and color for many years
  • Ecology


This type of treatment is used to obtain a decorative surface of aluminum profiles and details. Brushing removes (permanently and effectively masking) the lines and strands characteristic to the aluminum extrusion process. It also provides the possibility of removing mechanical damage resulting from the use of profiles in specific conditions. Nowadays, we can offer several types of brushing - starting with brushing removing only minor mechanical damage, by satin finish, and ending with structural brushing.
Brushing is in most cases the initial stage of mechanical processing of the profiles before anodizing or electropolishing. It is possible to select the texture of the brush by applying a brush of specific hardness.
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